YS-501 Medical Oxygen Concentrator

YS-501 Medical Oxygen Concentrator

Medical Oxygen Concentrator

Place of Origin: Anhui, China
Instrument classification: Class II
Warranty: 2 YEAR
After-sale Service: Free spare parts
Flow rate: 0.5-5L/min adjustable
The maximum amount of oxygen: 3L/min ≥93±3%
Noise: ≤52 dB

YS-501 Medical Oxygen Concentrator


YS-501 Medical Oxygen Concentrator Specification


Flow rate5L/min adjustable
Power supply220 V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
 Power consumption300VA
Operation environmentTemperature: 5℃-40℃ Humidity≤80%
 Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa-106kPa
Packing Size445x390x755mm
Net Weight16.2kgs
Gross Weight18.7kgs
CompressorGermany imported pure copper oil free compressor
Molecular SieveZ12-07, USA imported
FilterUSA imported HEAP high efficiency filter
AlarmPower failure, Over-heat, Low O2 purity alarm
AccessoriesNasal Cannula, adult mask, humidifier bottle, Oxygen tube, Nebulizer cup(optional)
Warranty:Compressor 3 years, Other parts 1 year
YS-501 Medical Oxygen Concentrator Nine Characteristics


1. Automatic alarm detection system and photosensitive LED display, oxygen purity monitoring, and cumulative timing, power failure alarm and other functions, Easy to operate.
2. Zero friction solenoid valve design, performance and life are more stable and durable.
3. Special high-efficiency Lithium Molecule (Z12-07), 30,000 hours of operation, stable performance and guaranteed.
4. Fully modularized internal design, integrated oxygen module system, ensure quick and convenient installation and maintenance.
5. High-efficiency and low-power design. Oxygen is produced within three minutes after power-on, and the oxygen purity is up to 93%±3%.
6. HEAP high efficiency filter, can be used continuously for 5000 hours.
7. HEAP high-efficiency bacterial filter (0.3um) to ensure that the oxygen produced is pure and sterile, in line with PM2.5 requirements.
8. Multi-level noise reduction, low noise operation below 40dB.
9. Oil-free patented compressor, lifetime is over 25000 hours.
YS-501 Medical Oxygen Concentrator Overview


Product Name: Small medical oxygen concentrator Models: YS-100, YS-100Y, YS-100YW; YS-300, YS-300Y, YS-300YW, YS-500, YS-500Y, YS-500YW Production license No.: Wan Medical Products Administration License No. 20160040 Product registration certificate No.: Wan appliance register authorization No. 20162540272 Product technical requirement No.: Wan appliance register authorization No. 20162540272 Use period: 8000 hours (cumulative use) or 5 years Factory number, production date: see product label Product structure: Oxygen generator, oxygen suction tube, humidification bottle, oxygen concentration monitor and an atomizing device. An oxygen generator includ-ing compressor, molecular sieve adsorption tower, solenoid valve, control circuit components and flow meter. Scope of application: Use air as raw material, use molecular sieve to transform pressure attach process to produce oxygen with a concentration range of 90% ~96%
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